Exercise for weight loss at home

Doing physical activity not only be done with heavy exercise. Could have done with a few minor stages. Basically physical exercise can provide the advantage of making the body slim. Exercise to lose weight, not only with a variety of gym equipment that it can be done independently. Such as can be done at home or in the open field, without the use of gym equipment, enough...

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light movements.

Exercise to lose weight, can include many things. depending aims to streamline the type which. Here are some types of movement that can burn calories.


Exercise to lose weight:


1. Jumping jacks, namely two hands went up to make such a circle. Then widen your feet, do as the principle of pliers, when the leg opening circular hand closes. Then lower the arms and legs shut. This is done alternately alternating. at least done for approximately 30 seconds.


2. High knees running in place. As the name suggests running in place, most good is to running in place slowly with legs growing upwards to form a right angle at the heel. Do it for 30 seconds.


3. Squat, this movement stands squat ago when squat hands stretched forward. So alternating squats and arm movements dirantangkan forward, then stood. This should be done approximately 15 to 30 movements.


4. Abdominal crunch, this movement is like sit ups. The difference, legs bent in half, and to do with the position of the body facing up. Push the body leaning forward, with his hands stretched straight ahead. This is putting pressure that is felt in the stomach. Lakukkan with a fixed bend a little on foot, without melurusan. The time duration for this movement can be done for 30 seconds.


exercise for weight loss at home, extremely varied sometimes also can use the tool. Bleak big ball, or spherical seat elastic. Using elastic ball can be used to burn fat calories in the stomach. And also various movements that balance training can make the body more flexible.