Natural Cures For Diabetes In Our Surrounding

Diabetes usually begins with the increase of blood sugar level. To cure diabetes itself, many use medical treatment or medicine prescribed by doctor. However there are many things surround us which can be called as natural cures for diabetes. These things can be used as herbal medicine to treat diabetes. These things are easy to get and to cook it to turn it into herbal medicine is not difficult. Everyone can do it even for people with diabetes themselves.


Before we get into the natural cures for diabetes, do you know if the cause of diabetes is because our unhealthy lifestyle? There are many things which can trigger diabetes, one of them is...

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drinking too much sweet tea. Why drinking too much tea could lead us into being diabetic? It’s really simple, in a glass of tea usually contains 300 calorie and it depends on how thick tea is in a glass. Well in other words, not only tea, but also another sweet drinks could get your blood sugar level high which can lead to diabetes.


What not to be done when drinking natural cures for diabetes


Drinking herbal medicine is better be done without another drinks or fried food. Generally if one eats fried food or snack, they will not be satisfied by eating one. Eating more of that and your blood sugar will increase. It is better to replace fried snack with pie or fresh fruits. It is certainly healthier.


The effectiveness of herbal medicine will decrease if you still can lose your habit to snack on unhealthy food. Sometimes people do not know if snacks such as potato chips and biscuits contain lots of sugar. Sugar in these snacks can make blood sugar level high. Furthermore snack doesn’t fulfill the energy required by our body. Just try to replace your unhealthy snack with fruits or the healthy one. You can consult to your doctor what kind of snack is okay for people with high blood sugar.


Natural cure for diabetes

One of natural cures for diabetes is soursop fruit leaves. The fruit itself is full of vitamin and high fiber. Soursop leaves can balance blood sugar level into normal. Furthermore the extract of this leave can increase beta cells which produce insulin hormone. It also can reduce stress, curing digesting problems, and fixing your eating appetite.


The other natural cures for diabetes ismangosteen fruit skin. Xanthonewhich contains in its skin could be used to treat many illnesses and one of them is diabetes. Consuming the fruit is also useful to make blood tension back into normal, reducing excessive blood sugar, and many more. Consuming both of mangosteen fruit skin and the fruit itself is good for our body.


Both soursop and mangosteen fruit skin are easy to get. Turns out they have many useful function for our healthiness. Some chronic illness which one of them is diabetes could even be cured with the extract of soursop leave and mangosteen fruit skin. Consuming these two natural cures for diabetes could be the alternative aside from consuming medicine prescribed by your doctor.