The Importance Of Using Blood Sugar Machine Periodically

It is not less to see people ignoring their health condition by not caring of their own blood sugar. Not many people periodically check their blood sugar level. Most of their blood sugar level is measured once in a lifetime, when visiting a doctor to monitor their diabetes. At this time blood sugar machine is a thing that is difficult to be separated from the life of diabetic people. They need to know exactly their body condition at all time, whether their blood sugar is currently low or high.
It must be known that blood sugar level could change from time to time as the symptoms of diabetes in each person can be different. You can’t just guess the high and low of your blood sugar level from the symptoms...

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which happen to your body. Furthermore, many symptoms of diabetes appear when blood sugar has damaged the health of our body and organs.


What is blood sugar machine?

Blood sugar machine is the medic instrument to determine the level of blood sugar within the blood. Blood sugar machine is the main element which is needed to monitor blood sugar level in blood as it can be done at home by diabetes patient.
In the measurement is needed a drop of blood which is gained from picking a needle through your skin. After that a drop of blood is placed to a blood sugar test stripe for one use. Blood sugar machine will read the stripe and measure the level of blood sugar within the blood. Then blood sugar machine will show in the monitor the blood sugar level in mg/dl or mmol/l.


Since for long the main purpose of management of diabetes is to control the normal blood sugar level in blood for as long as possible. The purpose is to avoid long-time complication from high blood sugar level and the drip within shirt time. Complication from diabetes can be deadly.


How to use blood sugar machine

The measurement of blood sugar using self-use blood sugar machine is totally easy but there are some things which need to be paid attention to. Here are the tips which will help you to get the most accurate blood sugar level result.


Prepare the things you need which are blood sugar machine, alcohol, cotton, needle and its device, and a stripe test
Wash and dry your two hands before the taking of the sample to avoid contamination
Set the needle to its device and make sure if the needle you use is still new and sterile as it is usually used for one then disposed
Put the tip of your finger. It is better to use different tip of finger each time you draw blood for blood sugar sample to avoid tip of your finger harden. Thumb and little finger are better not to be used to draw blood sample
Clean the tip of your finger which meant to be used for drawing blood sample using cotton which has been soaked with alcohol to avoid infection
Pick the needle to your tip of finger. Clean the first blood which come out with cotton and let the drop of the blood is formed. Press your finger slightly to help the blood to come out but gently and not too strong so that the blood sample will not be mixed with muscle fluid as it will disturb the blood sugar test.
Put the stripe test to blood sugar machine and wait till the result comes out from its monitor